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 I love fall and I can't wait for it to finally be here. I love wearing boots, I love wearing sweaters, and I love layers. Just thinking about layering brings a smile to my face, these single summer layers just don't do it for me! I really think my favorite part of fall is getting to wear riding boots. They're become almost an obsession, and I promise I'll stop buying them.....but yesterday I bought a pair in black simply because they were gorgeous and the price was too good to leave! So, the only way I can feel some resolve about my boot-tastic addiction is to come up with some outfits to wear them with. I thought i'd share two of them with you, maybe to give you a few ideas on how to wear your boots too :)

Welcome To Fall

1) Neutral Nation: When I think of fall, I think of brown. In a good way of course, nice neutral brown that can go with anything! I thought to pair some riding leggings with a nice simple button-down shirt, then a gray scarf to add another color to the palette, a cute cross-body bag, and the beautiful Tory Burch Amanda riding boots (new addition to my wishlist). You can play up the outfit with anything you'd like, but personally I would stick to browns or blacks, and a pair of black shades seemed perfect.

2) American Beauty: Red, white, blue, and leather. That last addition is perfect for fall. I paired a simple heather grey t-shirt with a cute skirt, planning to tuck in the t-shirt. On top I would add a striped blazer just for a fun pop of print, then pull on a beautiful pair of dark riding boots. Instead of going the normal tote bag route, I thought adding a satchel to the mix would be great too. And can't forget the white shades, that would definitely play up the outfit.

How do you wear your riding boots? Leave a comment and let me know!


Foldable Flats by After Flats said...

Super love this outfit!

After Flats

Дарина Данилова said...

I looove this wishlist!

Nieves said...

I love the riding boots. I wear many times with a vest and sweater ,it´s one of my favourites.

Jasmine Lindsey said...

Cool outfits! I love the boots and blazer.

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