In a few weeks, seniors and students in their last years of high school or college all over the world will be graduating! And as the relatives, friends, and loved ones of those hardworkers, it's our pleasure to give them little rewards for pushing through and getting that diploma at the end of the hard years.

     I'll surely miss my senior friends, and I can't wait to start shopping around for sweet gifts for them. My sister will also be graduating next year from UMBC, and even though its a little far away i'm already thinking of what I want to get her.

     So, whether your gift is small or big, expensive or inexpensive, the thought is truly what counts and your love will show through! Here are a few gifts i'm sure any grad, some specifically for the lady-grads, would absolutely love to get. It may or may not be partially my graduation wishlist.....for next year ;)


     A Tiffanys necklace would make an amazing present, and i'm sure a little blue box could bring a smile to anyone's face! For the techie/hip grad in your life, the new iPad mini or the normal sized iPad would be awesome. Surfing the web is just so much more fun from the comforts of the couch, and it's actually very useful during homework hours.
     There's nothing sweeter than pretty color combos, and a Lilly Pulitzer dress is just that! It's an adorable way to swing into warm weather.
     If your grad is moving away, giving them a piece of home to take away isn't a bad idea at all. Slip some of your favorite pictures with them into frames, they make a great present.
     A Longchamp bag is nice for the grad on the run, and they last a while!
     And again for the tech-hip, a customized iPhone case dedicated to them graduating is perfect! It's a great way to remind them that to you, they're a star!

If you're looking for graduation invitations, take a look at the great ones offered by Tiny Prints! They'll be sure to live up to the big day!


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