All Over the Lace {Guest Post by Alexis}

Hi everyone! It’s Alexis from The Quirky Prepster! I’d firstly like to thank Tariro for letting me guest post! It’s an honor writing for all of you guys. Just to give you guys a little information about me, I am a total girly girl, I own about hundreds of dresses, and about two pairs of jeans (shame).  Today I’m writing to explore one of my favorite LBD, the lace black dress. I own one, sadly only one, and I wear it to almost every occasion, from graduations, to work at the courthouse, and to night outings. I absolutely love the versatile  element of this classic dress. By pairing this cute LBD with a few difference accessories, you can go from business professional to the life of the party!
TIP: Buy a lace dress with a lining, if it is completely sheer under, then you might want to add an underslip, to avoid looking underdressed. Classy is the way. :)
TIP #2: Try to buy a lace dress with a thicker fabric, to avoid rips or damage in the wash.

Below is the dress with a few different pairings in accessories.

The first pairing is one of my favorites. I paired the dress with a classic Chanel bag and black pumps. I remember wearing it out to my baby brother’s graduation. The dress was long enough for the church ceremony, phew, but it was also fashionable enough for the after party! The heels really added to my height (I’m not blessed with “tall” genes, I stand at 5’6). This outfit is so classy and chic, my all time favorite combination of adjectives.

The second combination definitely has an edgier tone to it. There is something about the leather jacket. Almost like, you have to earn looking bad. I wouldn’t look cool with the leather jacket, I have Bambi’s personality and one of the seven dwarves’ height. I absolutely lust the “leather jacket look” and totally envy anyone who could pull it off.  Paired with a leather jacket, the black dress definitely looked tougher. The platform heels are so chic, with gold stud detailing. It’s great for concerts, or a date with a bad boy, who doesn’t love a bad boy?

For a more professional look, pair the LBD with a blazer. I love the color blocked blazer, with black elements. The color red and black paired together looks so elegant. The two shoes that I might pair the outfit with, are to die for. The red pumps with the bow? EHH.  Don’t even get me started on the black Mary Janes with the red heels. These shoes were made for this outfit. Done.
This outfit looks work professional, and it is definitely good enough for the runway.

The fourth outfit is absolutely adorable. I tend to wear it alot to school, it’s preppy and so classic. The LBD with a black cardigan never lets me down. My favorite cardigan is from Kate Spade, the Sophia , as it’s called. The flats are adorable too! The little bow is so girly and simply prep. As much as I adore heels, I will not ever dare to go to school in heels. I don’t know how some girls do it. I can’t even.

Klutz + Heels = Bad

Pairing the LBD with a nice chandelier type of necklace is genius. The fifth outfit is completely bold, and the necklace adds attention and detail to the dress. The gold shoes complements the necklace. It’s definitely my favorite choice for a night out.

The LBD can be paired with about any pair of shoes. From bright neon pumps to classic red, the color would compliment the dress. My favorite color scheme for dressing up is the neutral color group, such as navy, olive, burgundy, and creamy ivory. Its classic and so prep. Pairing a dress with nude heels makes your legs look longer, for more read my “Let’s Get Nude” post.

Overall, I love  my Lace Black Dress. Classic, versalle, and prep, it’s my “go-to” choice everytime!  Thanks for reading! What are your favorite dresses? :)


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