Chambray Is the Way

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     Chambray shirts have always been one of my favorite pieces. I've been waiting to find the perfect one, and I think the cotton chambray shirt from J. Crew would be a perfect investment! I may opt to wait till it's on sale or try to find an alternative since it's a little pricey, but while I wait I decided to come up with a few nice ways to wear chambray shirts and share them! They're so versatile, and really could go with anything!

Chambray Is The Way

Office Official: I love the simplicity of chambray shirts, and they really allow you to play up your outfit with some prints! For a polished more office friendly look, I paired the shirt with a printed skirt. They would look perfect together with the shirt tucked in. I added in a blazer, and you could fold the sleeves of both the blazer and the shirt to have the shirt's sleeves showing as well. A pair of pointy black flats can complete the look, and you're sleek and ready for your business day.

Summer Breezy: Chambray shirts are just perfect for when you need a simple relaxing shirt for your summer outfit. You can pair it with some fun scalloped lace shorts, a soft printed scarf, and sandals. Just perfect for any beach day or summertime stroll. You could also tie a front knot in your shirt, and that could create a really nice dynamic with the high waisted scalloped shorts.

Cool & Relaxed: We've all had days when all we want to do is stay at home on the couch or relax, but we have to be out and about. That's the best time to bring a little tomboy to the chambray, and pair it with cargo pants, a loose fitting hoodie, and a pair of Nike sneakers. You'll look effortlessly cool in your outfit, and it still retains that chic look you'll be going for as well.

Once the basics of the outfits are done, you can add on necklaces, rings, sunglasses, or any bags you'd like! The creativity of accessories is just so fun, and that could be a great personal dynamic to your outfit as well.


Meghan H said...

I haven't tried chambray until recently and I love it... it looks so great with a pair of chino shorts. So I know I'm def going to experiment more and I love all your suggestions.

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