Sock It To The Boot

     It's getting colder and colder each day, but surprisingly I'm starting to like it! I think it's only because I got cuter coats for this year, and I own a lot more comfy longsleeves and sweatpants for the lazy days which makes it all better. I've also been wearing boots almost everyday, may they be riding boots, Uggs, or rain boots. I wear thicker socks with the riding boots and the rain boots, and I've been pulling out all my long socks that are either colorful or have cool patterns, specifically my favorite pair of Jack Wills riding boots.

     So, that's what inspired today's post! It's almost a staple for late fall/early winter, wearing boot socks under your boots and sometimes having them go past your boots. I love it! And you can go either way, crazy socks or even simple socks. It's your choice. And also, Hunters have specific socks you can wear them with that fold right over them. How would you wear it?

Sock It To The Boot
And for some visuals, here are some of my favorite takes on the boot socks + boots trend. 

{Both the boots and socks are from Free People, and I love the style of the boots and the simple high socks}

{I love the print of these socks from Urban Outfitters, and I like that they go up to the knees!}


Heather said...

I love socks with boots. Esp chunky socks.

Emily said...

I love socks and boots too, some cute ones on this post!

GlamorousGirl said...


Tariro said...

Thank you all!

Rory said...

Tariro! I just replied to your email and after I replied I read your super sweet comment on my blog so I had to come say thanks. It means a lot that you look up to me! I'm so glad to have followers like you <3 <3
Thank you so much for your kind words!! and can't wait to see some rockin' outfit pictures with your dad's new cam! WOO <3
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