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     This is the first official outfit post using the new Canon! I'm so excited and so happy, I think the pictures came out great! I'd love for you all to comment and let me know if you think these pictures are better quality and of course what you think about the outfit. I used a tripod, and getting a full body shot turned out to be a little complicated! Haha. So please excuse the graininess of the third picture. Hopefully i'll get the hang of it all very soon, but for my first time using it on a tripod I think it went pretty well! Multiple buttons we pressed, self-timer became my best friend, and I can't help but feel very excited to publish the post!

     I decided to dress up just a little to school today, but chose to go the leggings route so I would still feel comfortable. I'm usually partial to wearing leggings to school, but I chose to wear a long knitted cardigan over them to give them a little more of a classic look. I paired the two with a striped long-sleeve underneath to add some patterning, then wrapped a scarf around my neck to keep myself a little warmer. To brave the cold, I wore one of my favorite peacoats. I had to leave the house once again, so I picked up a simple bag to put a book I was read in, my keys, and my phone. It also added a nice deep purple color and complemented the neutrals and navys in my outfit.

{Bag: Thrift Store, Scarf: Lands' End, Coat: H&M, Top: Forever21, Leggings: Energie, Black wool socks, Boots: Prima Royale}

     I also wore the trend I wrote about in my previous post, having socks over my leggings but above my boots. Oh, can you tell I had fun with the closeups?


Jen Hsieh said...

I'm loving this outfit and it's perfect for a day full of classes. I need to get my hands on a similar coat! :)

The pictures are definitely better quality and I'm loving it!


Tariro said...

Thank you so much Jen! I was definitely very comfortable all day :)

Stephanie Lam said...

Such a cute outfit!! You look so warm and comfy! Love the photos, yay for a new camera!!

PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


Tariro said...

Thank you Stephanie! I'll be sure to visit your blog.

Ang Lam said...

You look so lovely in the outfit!

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livlovelaugh said...

lovey our outfit here girlie!


ALI&ANG said...

I just got the Cannon Rebel T3i and I am so excited to start using it! You pix are adorable. I have the same coat! : )

Ali of:


Well... said...

Oooh, a Canon huh? That's awesome! I've been using Nikon in my photos lately and its definitely made a difference :)
Love the layers you're rocking!

Trendy Teal

Rory said...

HURRAY HURRAY HURRRAAYYY for the camera! Your pictures look so awesome :) :)
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