Hmmm, What To Wear?

     Sometimes I go through this internal battle with myself about exactly what I want to wear. And its not exactly that "white shirt or blue shirt" kind of battle, but it's that battle where you're not exactly sure what your style is, so you're not sure what you're gonna wear to show it.....does that make sense? Whenever I bring it up, someone always says "oh, well you're still young so you can just wear whatever and you'll figure out exactly what's you and what isn't" and I think to some extent they're definitely right. But then I see so many outfits and so many things, and it's like omg I wanna wear that too! It's like this lightbulb goes off in my head and I run directly to my closet to go figure out just how to get that look. Maybe i'm just tired of my mixture of style, or maybe I haven't tried enough different ones to even be tired of them.

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     A simpler explanation of this would be "I want to wear those snake rings and those cool neckpieces but I also want to wear all that preppy plaid and those stripes and that cool print and those cool boots and those loafers and....." the list just keeps going on. While attempting to guide myself through these complicated times in style, i've created this sort of wall of shoes in my room. It's all my favorite pairs of shoes in one little corner together, and just looking at it gives me this sense of piece, this little "you're gonna be okay, don't stress out, you can wear whichever pair tomorrow". I guess the overall idea of my post is that it's really hard to try to define your style and what you wear, no matter how hard you try. And since there's so many labels on every single style, you yourself might get confused because your style already breaks the boundaries of each label, so in the end it's this whole thing about wait.....where do I fit in? So here's to hoping that i'm not the only confused one out here in the world, here's to hoping that the shoe wall continues to kill fashion anxiety, and here's to hoping that my shoe wall and closet continue to grow. And here's to hoping that I stop being lazy and wear nice things to school the end. Oh and I finally bought a jean jacket! Wooohooo!


Fash Boulevard said...

You have a fab collection. I love those leopard loafers.

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Grace said...

I always feel really torn too! Gorgeous shoes!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...


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