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     I've been testing out our new camera and trying to figure out what settings take the best pictures and just messing around with it. I decided to take pictures of some things I'd wanted to post about before but didn't have a chance to, and I thought I could get a little artistic while doing so! So here are some pictures, combined with the thoughts behind them, and the outcome of me clicking around. My sister comes home from school on Thursday, and I cannot wait to have a little thanksgiving photoshoot! Wooohoooo!

{I miss summer so much! Here's my favorite skirt, favorite shirt (it says "Follow Me To The Sun), and bikini top. Isn't it so pretty?}

{I got the pair in the middle at a yard sale for $3, and I love them! I've also been wearing my slouchy boots c/o MyHotShoes a lot lately, and I tell ya they go with everything!}

{I couldn't wait to show you all this! I love the idea of having a clothing rack or that sort of thing that just has all the pieces that inspire you for the season, but I decided to take it easy and I've been hooking some of my favorites right on my closet doors. I love how it looks in my room, and seeing whatever I hang up just makes me smile!}

{The stacks are forever a work in progress. Friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets, etc}

{Peacoat season is finally here!! This is one of my two favorites from Tommy Hilfiger}

{When I put together the red sweater and the sequin skirt.....a match made in heaven}

{ was a hard choice between the two}

     I'm so excited because the quality of the photos will improve, and I can't wait to get outfit postin'! I hope you all have a fantastic day.

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Well... said...

Seriously loving the sequined skirt/sweater combo :)

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jamie-lee said...

Oh getting a new camera is always fun!! Love those boots, cannot believe how cheaply you got them x

Tariro said...

Thanks Tina!
And Jamie-lee, thank you! I couldn't believe the price either haha

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