Summertime Layering

     The one question I've gotten a lot over the past month is "aren't you hot?". And much to the surprise of whoever asks me that, I smile and say "no, not really". For some reason, I'm addicted to layering. It's almost hard to explain, but sometimes I feel like nothing's there if there aren't a few layers or so. So, I've come up with my own sort of formula for layering, especially during summer(unless its 99 degrees like today......thats a headscratcher)!

Summertime Layering

Outfit 1: I've quickly learned that very thin cardigans or zip-ups work amazingly well with layering. I usually pair a thin sweater with a crop top, or even a simple tank top. I really like this J.Crew cotton cardigan, especially because it has the word "featherweight" in it's name, a total giveaway of it's layering potential. I go for shorts to maintain the summer factor, then sandals to do the same too. A scarf is also a great addition for layering, because they can add color and pattern, and they don't have to weigh much to make a great point. Jewelry is usually an option, depending on how much I'm wearing, but I love the nautical necklace and earrings! Medium or big bags are definitely some of my favorites right now, and I love the chic look of the brown shoulder bag! It's only $51, and for it's look I think it's so worth it since it seems versatile.

Outfit 2: When I'm going for something a little more classic or plain, I like to wear a shirt but leave it unbuttoned and wear a tank top inside. On top of the shirt, I put on a light vest for another layer. I wanted to show an idea using a skirt, and this black skirt is definitely cute! I love the shoulder bag, especially because it's simple and it adds a nice pop of color in white to the outfit. I also thought the two claw bracelets were really cool, and they'd be an amazing conversation starter with anyone you speak to! There's just something about how unusual yet cool they are, which I couldn't quite let go off. And a comfortable pair of sneakers perfectly completes the look, and make it even cooler.


Rory said...

Layering is so addicting! I'm guilty of it too--even in the summer. Except my answer to that question is YES IAM HOT. but i deal because fashion is fun :)
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Tariro said...

Haha fashion is fun!

Grace said...

I totally love doing a thin cardi with a tank during the summer! And that anchor necklace is really cute. :)

erica marie said...

great tips for layering! loving that first look!

xo erica

Collections said...

So many great outfits. I love layering even in the summer.

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Tariro said...

Thanks ladies!

Giovanna said...

Cute looks! Loving the chambray look!


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