Skinny Pink Pants

     In middle school, I bought a pair of hot pink pants from Hot Topic and I never looked back. And even though their color reflected off of every white wall I walked past, I fell in love with them so much that till this day, I wear them! I love them so much because they always bring that "shock" factor, bringing along second looks and the occasional "woah, i like your pants!". So here are a few ideas to jump into the pink pants train, and whether you go all in (as in an all pink outfit) or not is up to you.

Skinny Pink Pants

Outfit 1: I really like these twill pants from Forever21, and I thought of playing with a little color and patterns by adding a striped tee and a colored satchel to the look. I think that the stripes add a really cool touch to the outfits because they're completely different from the pants.

Outfit 2: I own a pair of jeans much like these ones from Almost Famous, so I drew inspiration from how I wore them last and paired them with a really cute floral top! I like how the pink on the top compliments the pink of the pants without being completely overwhelming.

Outfit 3: My favorite part about these Zara pants is their paleness, and that fact would allow you to add more pink into your look. Their color is just enough to be eye-popping, but not to much to leave you without any room to add more color. I couldn't pink between just a simple pale pink/beige top or a polka dot one, so I thought to let you choose the one you'd like best!

So, those are a few ideas I have about how to style any pair of pink pants that may catch your eye. Oh, and two posts in one day.....oh my!


Rory said...

I seriously need me some pink pants. 15 bucks at forever 21? I NEED THOSE! <3
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Tariro said...

I know right?! They're definitely a bargain and they're cute!

Annie said...

LOVE the pink pants - so fun!

The Other Side of Gray

Abby said...

Wow those F21 pants are such a bargain! Love em :)

Abby xx

Heather said...

I love pink pants! And I love your outfits. I have a pair from H&M that I adore and I wore my coral pants from Forever21 today :) They really funky up a casual outfit.

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

gimme some skinny pink pants! those are fab!

Tariro said...

Abby - They really are!
Heather - Thanks so much, i bet thats an awesome outfit!
Jessica - Thanks!

Mica said...

Love the pink pants! I wish I had a pair!

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