Chasing The Sun

     Even though it's been short, I've had a great summer full of spending time with friends, going to the pool, eating, and a little bit of shopping too! Here are some snapshots from the last few days. They all sum up my favorite part of summer, which is being able to be free and have tons of fun. Oh, and I do love me some Ritas custard!

{My adorable earrings courtesy of Jojo Loves You & the hangout spot at the pool}
{Ice Cream by day, burritos by night}
{Brights, florals, Cements! Oh My!}
{I really enjoyed Lands' End's displays!}

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Abby said...

Love your pics! I'm gonna follow you in instagram in 5 seconds!
Also, where did you find the Lands End displays? I didn't know they had stores!

Abby xx

Here and Away said...

Looks like great fun, indeed!

Stop by!

Tariro said...

Thank you Abby! They have stores inside some of the Sears stores here! Two places to shop in one, can't complain :)

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