The Shoe Game

     The boys at school know how to dress. Somehow, from the awkward days of middle school science to the present days of computer class, sneakers and shoes because the obsession of most and they became one of the most talked about subjects at school. Their new love, they called it "the shoe game", and if your sneakers were new or just released, then you were warmly welcomed into it.

     But aside from learning that a few enjoy waiting outside for newly released shoes, I also learned that this was their way of expressing themselves. This was their way of saying "hey, I like fashion too" without actually using those exact phrases and without having to put themselves out their. They let their insanely amazing sneakers do the talking, along with matching polo shirts and wristwatches. But the most important thing the conversations of "the shoe game" have taught me is that it's okay to be colorful, it's okay to try wearing something new, and that no matter how crazy your shoes are, you have someone two rows back who's been in your place and who probably appreciates them! Even if you don't specifically own a pair of retros or a pair of cool greys.

     So, as an ode to the game, I chose a few pairs of shoes that I'd love to have for summer. May they be basic, or even close to the full color spectrum, these are a few picks of what I'd call "my own shoe game", and somewhat of a shoe wishlist! There's the pairs I'd usually be drawn to, then one or two that just made me smile and reminded me of just how fun summer should be!

The Shoe Game
{1. H&M glitter sandals, 2. Air Jordan Retro Black Cement 3s (I am the proud owner of a pair, thanks sis!), 3. Seychelles sandals, 4. Prince Albert multi-colored loafers, 5. Moda Operandi wingtip shoes (how awesome is the yellow sole?), 6. Steve Madden sandals, 7. Jack Wills Adney loafers (cerise or vintage cream? that is the question.)}


Vanessa said...

Those H&M sandals are gorgeous!

annacbie said...

wow you're so cute!

just found your blog and love your aesthetic!

and hey guess what! i just started a new blog! i think i have some great ideas and i'd love if you could stop by and perhaps follow it, if you like! (i'm following you, of course!)

Courtney said...

Cute kicks!

Courtney (Your newest follower)

Grace said...

Those H&M sandals are adorable! And I'd go for both with the Jack Wills loafers. :)

Anonymous said...

I love those!


Anonymous said...

The shoes are awesome!

Ibtissem said...

Mocassin are gorgeous!!

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