Neon Plus Neutral

     One of my favorite trends that emerged over summer is the Neon and Neutral trend, and i've been holding onto it ever since! I absolutely love adding a pop of color to a basic one, and almot color-blocky effect that comes out of it! If wearing an all neon outfit is considered too much, then why not add a little neutral to break down the too-many-pops, all while making it look tons better? Its a playful trend you can have tons of fun with, and the best part is its so simple!

Neon + Neutral

Outfit #1:
I first chose a neon lace top, and a neutral twill skirt. I added on a leather skinny belt, neon clutch, and some pretty silver & black necklaces to balance it all. One thing I've never seen is the look with riding boots, and I think its an amazing idea! The minute I saw those boots, I knew I wanted to add them into the mix. I also thought that a deep pink nail polish would look really nice with the outfit.

Outfit #2:
For this outfit, I decided to style with the main item being neutral, and then just adding on the neon. I chose this gorgeous Calvin Klein shift dress, and then a bright pink jacket on top. Looking at it, its not exactly neon, but its just bright enough to get the job done. I couldn't decide between a neutral bag or a neon bag, so I chose both. The little clutch is my favorite, from Claire Vivier. I fell in love with it instantly! I added two-tone heels and a pretty pink skinny belt to complete the look, with a pink & black necklace.

Thank you all so much for the follows & comments! I appreciate them all very much.


North Shore Prep said...

I've just discovered your blog, and it's so impressive! Your knack for putting together outfits is absolutely fantastic, and I was so surprised to find that we're pretty much the same age, haha. XO

Tariro said...

Thank you so much! & what a coincidence! Haha.

Oracle Fox said...

Mmmm one of my favourite colour combo's for sure!!! I was photographed recently at Australian Fashion Week wearing fluoro yellow and tan, I love how the two colours work! xx mandy

Tariro said...

Ooo yellow and tan is an amazing combo!

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