Two-Tones, One Heart

A while ago, I fell in love with these two tone platforms from Marni after I saw them worn by a couple of my favorite blogs. They're absolutely gorgeous, and the two colors compliment each other in a stylish clash that leaves me breathless! While on the search for the exact pair, I actually found another version of them! So, here's a little styling post I did using two pairs of two tone Marnis. They're definitely on my wishlist, they're amazing!
Two Tone Marnis♥

Peaches & Cream:
For the record, this pair is my absolutely favorite! For some reason, the brown reminds me of Vanilla Extract and the pinkish-orange reminds me of ice cream. Go figure! I chose to stick with the peach tones, and picked out a gorgeous peach shirt, and a dark coral maxi skirt. The pink suede bag was a must in my opinion, because its been the apple of my eye for ages, and I decided to share the love. I thought that coral and nude nailpolishes would go best with the outfit, and simple gold accessories could complete the look.

Full Moon:
For this outfit, I wanted to do something a little on the dark side, yet still fashionable and chic. I chose to start with a striped top, and next I picked out a beautiful blue-to-white maxi skirt! I love the bleeding effect. Next up, I picked out a black leather satchel. I chose simple accessories for this look too, because the stripes were already powerful, so there wasnt too much need for pizazz. Some pearls and a cross ring would be perfect. I wasnt sure about nail polish, but a black color would be nice.

*Be sure to look out for me in tonight's(and the future's) Prep Talk! I'm the new writer for the Dress Me Up Buttercup column, and I really hope you all like it!


Angela Leberte said...

love the peaches and cream look! very cute


Tariro said...

Thank you!

melissa said...

love love love love love!

Tariro said...


Cammila Albertson said...

Ooh, I dig the Peaches and Cream look! Cool ideas! :D

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

both of those outfits are amazing, I'd wear either of them! x E

Ingrid said...

I love the maxi skirt you picked out, thanks for showing :)

Tariro said...

Thank you!

Chrysa said...

Both outfits are lovely, but my favourite is the first! I love these shades!!

Following you now on Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

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She's Dressing Up said...

I love these & the "peaches & cream" look is my fave!

Tariro said...

Thanks so much ladies!

mwan said...

hi there nice posts

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