Once Upon A Dance

(Three days until my birthday! Woop woop!, hello sweet 15!)
     Aside from looking forward to my birthday, another pretty special event is coming up this school year. That, ladies & gentlemen, would be my homecoming dance! I didn't go to homecoming last year due to something that came up, and I felt like I missed out so much! But, this year, I am definitely going! 
     The one hurdle I have yet to conquire is finding a dress, which is actually sorta hard! There's so many options, and of course my fear of having the same dress as 5 other girls comes into play. So, I sat myself down to try to find a dress, and instead came up with basically a wishlist/dream-dress list. Though it might actually be irrelevant, here are some dresses I would absolutely love to wear to homecoming! If I set my mind to it, maybe I could buy one of them! Also, these are the styles for the actual dresses I want, and its a good way for me to get ideas.

One Upon A Dance

Dress #1: I really like this dress! For some reason, i've had a thing for white dresses for a while, and the simplicity of this one caught my eye! Not sure if I can get jiggy in a strapless dress, but either way, its perfect!

Dress #2: This is actually my favorite dress out of all of them! The jeweled top and the flow of the bottom part caught my eye, and I love it! Its just enough sparkle, yet its not over the top! I know i'd be so comfortable in the dress, and i'd really feel like the Belle of the ball. Besides, white dress + sparkles = happy me!

Dress #3: This dress is just breathtaking! I love how long it is, and the lace collar is just gorgeous! Maybe this dress is a bit more prom-y, but its so pretty I just had to add it onto the list!

Dress #4: I fell for this dress a few months ago, and it just pops up everywhere I look. Its so beautiful, and the colors are fantastic! I absolutely love the ombre effect, and the bandage style is really chic and cool, and in all its a fantastic dress.

Dress #5: Hello glitter! This dress is absolutely amazing! Throw simplicity out the window, because this dress might have just stolen my heart! There's glitter everywhere, the cut is perfect, and it really is the great party dress! The actual style of a dress I want for homecoming is full-glitter and sparkle, and this makes the grade! Oh, how I wish it was mine.

Dress #6: I chose this dress for its simplicity. Its not too dull, yet its not too out there. Its just so calm, so neutral, and I think it would go really well with my skintone!

Dress #7: First off, I love the nude color of this dress! Then the addition of some sparkles makes me like it even more, and in all its just such a pretty dress!

Dress #8: Id like to think that this is more of a playful update on the sleeved glitter dress, but I like it just as much! The gold color is so pretty, and it'd just make me shimmy the whole dance just to see the lights reflect! Its a really pretty dress, and the sleeve-less look works well!

Which dress from above is your favorite?


Juli Photo Diary said...

I love you selection!!


M said...

My favs are 4 and 5! Great picks!

North Shore Prep said...

I love number 5! It actually looks a lot like the dress I actually got for Homecoming, which I LOVE. I'll be posting pictures on my blog, so keep an eye out:) XO

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Lovely choices! <3<3


Sarah said...

What a lovely collection of dresses. My favourite has to be number two, it's so elegant.



Tariro said...

Thanks so much guys! I really agree with your favorites!

melissa said...

I vote #2! For sure.

I miss dances!

MargieF said...

2 5 and 8 are my favourite, but especially 2. i would so go for that one. i love the colour palette youve chosen, very pretty

Ly said...

I love dress number 2 the best!



Jessica said...

oh.my.GOODNESS. the last one is my favorite!! i am obsessed with gold and this is such a classy yet fun dress! i am seriously considering purchasing this....eeek!

love your blog, by the way girl! i think it's fantastic you want to be the creative director at nylon!

Tariro said...

It really is gorgeous isnt it?! I think you should go for it, it'd be a great buy! Thank you so much!

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