Sweet 15

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Today is my 15th birthday! Its finally here! I've had an amazing day so far, and I'm just so happy to have amazing family and friends to share it with!
Now that I've turned 15, even though I know its not the biggest age, I still feel like I've matured so much. I look back to how I was when I turned 14, and I really am different now.
I've learned what to do, what not to do, who to trust, who not to trust, everything in between! Growing up really is great, and even though i'm leaving behind the number 14, I hope the number 15 brings me even more fun times and joy too! 9 months till I can drive, oh yes!
Also, I'm getting older and learning a lot of new things, and hopefully this new knowledge gets me where I want to go, and makes me happy in the end. Now i'm really starting to think about what I want to do, especially school-wise, and i'm just hoping for the best in everything. I have so many goals, and the list just bugs me so much, but with hard work ill get where i want soon enough.

So, i'm off to enjoy whats left of my sweet first day being 15! Taylor Swift song......maybe included.


Heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe I'm 10 years older then you...i feel ooollldd lol. But enjoy being 15. It's def. a fun age!


Tariro said...

Thank you so much!! & no, you're not old! Lol.

North Shore Prep said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a good one:) XO

Tariro said...

Thank you!

Nomadic D. said...

Happy birthday! And thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog,


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