Sweet Beginnings

     One of my favorite treats in the whole wide world is Red Velvet Cake! Its absolutely amazing! So yummy, so sweet, and a little tang from the cream cheese icing! Ive actually never had it with cream cheese and chocolate icing, but the picture was just too good to resist!
     Anyways, there's nothing more comforting than your favorite food right? It brings out good memories, brings up happy emotions, and just makes you feel so calm & collected. So, what about a room based on and inspired by your favorite foods? If you love mac & cheese, how about a yellow and white room with hints of orange? I decided to create a room based on Red Velvet Cake, and I actually really love the idea! I mentally high-fived myself.
Drops Of Sugar
*The basic colors of the room I chose were white and red, but I decided to go with some natural/neutral tones too so the room wouldn't be too light.
  1. Brass & Crystal Chandelier: I absolutely love this chandelier! Its so pretty, and it's so classic and fancy, yet not too fancy. Just right.
  2. Printed Pillows: Red Velvet Cakes are sweet and fun, so why not have sweet and fun pillows! I love pillows with words, crazy textures, or even just a simple big heart! Whatever turns the corners of your mouth up.
  3. A Sleeper Sofa: Not gonna lie, I chose this sofa just because I love how it looks! It just looks so soft and plushy, like something i'd love to come home to and to just fall asleep on while Survivor plays in the background.
  4. Printed Rugs: Im a huge fan of prints in clothing, and also in pieces for the home. I absolutely love these printed rugs, especially the second one with all the cool patterns!
  5. White Chair & A Half: Appareantly, a chair and a half is literally that......a chair and a half! I guess its just a small couch. Either way, I really love the white color with the black legs, and it just looks so perfect!
  6. Wood Table: I absolutely love this table! The color is so perfect, and the little drawers on the side are really nice too! It just looks so simple, but it has the ability to make the biggest statement in the room. It definitely stands out, kinda like the red in the cake!
  7. Red Chairs: The simpler chair would work best for maybe a dinner table, or just on opposite sides of the room. The arm chairs would work perfect on opposite sides of the room in a living room, or maybe next to each other. But I really love the velvet fabric, and their look as a whole!
I hope you all had fun reading this post, because I had so much fun writing it and coming up with it all!


NatashaNicole said...

wow that red velvet cake looks uhmazzing!! cute blog!! thanks for stopping my mine :) xx the garage gypsy

Tariro said...

ahhh i know, it looks so yummy! thank you, & you're welcome!

Manding. said...

best red velvet cake ever: Penelope's in New York. Please try it. nomnomnom.

Tariro said...

I'll try it next time we're in New York, thanks!

Lidiya said...

That cake looks beyond delicious, now I feel so hungry <3

Tariro said...

Lol i know the feeling!

Katie's Bliss said...

That cake looks absolutely delicious!


julianne. said...

love all of those cute room goodies.<3

Tariro said...

Thank you!

Ly said...

The cake looks amazing!



Elle Sees said...

What a cute idea!

Tariro said...


Josie said...

That cake looks PHENOM. I love being inspired by food -- that rug is too cute!
xo Josie

GIGI B said...

Red Velvet is my fav too. I am smitten with the red velvet cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory!


Gigi B

{ www.GDFierce.com }

JustPatience said...

Love me some red velvet cake and anything red. It's such a rich color.

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Satin And Salt said...

i enjoy your sweet and thoughtful blog!

LDM said...

the cake looks so yummy!!!!

xx from hong kong :)

nichole (eat & be pretty) said...

mmm this is makin me hungry :)

Tariro said...

I know right?! Im so ready to bake!

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