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     For some reason, I've fallen head over heels in love with camo. Now, it's nothing bad, nothing bad about it at all, but a while back I'd just turn my head from it and keep walking. Now whenever I see someone wearing a camo hoodie or hat, I'm quick to tell them that I really like it! I mean come on, when was the last time you ever saw personalized camo?

     Though I don't really see myself going on a hunting trip anytime soon, there's no reason for me not to express my new found love. I absolutely adore the idea of playing around with patterns and fashion trends, so camo is the perfect next step. I may sway a little from straight up camo to maybe just something olive or something with a print thats close enough to camo, but I think it all works out. Here are a few camo/close-to-camo clothes I absolutely love, and I honestly think I'm gonna snag that Forever 21 chiffon shirt sometime soon! I really like it because it sleeveless, and I think I'm starting my own sleeveless-chiffon-shirt club! (It'll become the sister to my star print chiffon shirt from dELiA's.)
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     My favorites from above are definitely the abstract print chiffon shirt from Forever 21, the camo vest which I think is absolutely gorgeous and would go so well with chinos, the olive green wellies, and the really cool iPhone case! What do you think of camo? The linen pants are really nice too, I love the belt! I like the tribal-esque pattern of the knitted sweater, but I can't choose between the two camo jackets as to which is my favorite! The one from Buckle  has a really nice belt, but the Barbour jacket is cool too and I really like the colors.


Clara Turbay said...

Hi, again telling you what amazing blog you have.


Darling Bonnie said...

I was so deeply into camo a couple years back but something ruined it for me... I still can't remember what it was it seems I've blocked out all bad memories. I do hope to come to love it again one day!
Darling Bonnie

Grace said...

I'm not always into camo, but I love army green!

Anonymous said...

I love the knitted sweater (top, third) SOOOOO cute :)

Lisa said...

I love camo for the fact that it injects a sense of surprise. My son recently got out of the Air Force and I've been wearing his camo pants with a black turtle neck and Roger Vivier flats. I also visit Target with my camo/initialed LL Bean tote. It's all about blending in with the background ;p

Tariro said...

Thanks everyone! Bonnie, I definitely hope your love for it comes back! nd Grace, army green is gorgeous! Ash Louise, the sweater was one of my favorites! Lisa, ooooo I love how you wear them! Definitely a great way to blend in!

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