Go Find Yourself.

     The one quote I hear the most whenever I'm listening in is "be yourself.". If someone had said that to me when I was little, I would've looked up from my Barbie coloring book and said "myself? i'm already me! who else can i be?". But as I trek through high school, gigantic Vineyard Vines tote and all, I'm starting to realize exactly what that means. When someone tells me or others to "be yourself", it's almost like they're begging you to stay true to who you really are and what you believe in because you're amazing just that way..

     For a few days, I was on this wild mission to really discover myself. I'm always on these crazy missions, may it be to stop being boy-crazy, to study more for chemistry, or to eat less candy. But the one that's bugged me the most is the finding myself thing. Maybe it's because I just do exactly what I do everyday! I'm still the same girl who wakes up 30 minutes late, the one who chooses the necklace with the glass on it because it reminds me of Cinderella, and the one who prefers to use the neon colored paper for projects instead of just plain white.

     I've realized that just as much as I love going downtown and hanging out with my friends, I like staying in and spending time readings my favorite fashion blogs just as much. So maybe my missions to find myself may fail, but it may be because i'm perfectly okay with where I am right now. I'm 15, and I'm here to enjoy it. I don't wanna grow up too fast.......at all. I just want to enjoy being where

    I've realized that I will always be quirky, I will always say ridiculous jokes (that only I laugh at), I will always make wishlists, and I will always try to make new friends everyday. But guess what? I'm okay with that! Before, I thought I had to change myself and fit in with everyone else.....but not anymore. In school, there's pressure for perfect grades, perfect hair, perfect boyfriend, perfect everything. In life, there's just pressure for everything. I feel like everyday, I slowly learn a little bit more about how to deal with the push and pull of things.

I am me. I am myself. And like I'd say when I was 5, how could I ever be anyone else?
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Grace said...

Great thoughts. I agree, high school always is trying to make us all one person, but I've kind of accepted that won't be me.

Tariro said...

Thank you!

LINDA said...

Great post! ♥♥♥


Linda from www.moonon.com

Catalina said...

i like your blogg


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