Spring Has Sprung!

     Teen Vogue has always been one of my favorite magazines, and I cannot explain how many butterflies I get the moment we get the mail and I see an issue in its plastic cover! Though there are no plastic covers involved, while browsing the internet I found the March 2012 issue of Teen Vogue, and I must say I love it! The lovely Kendall & Kylie Jenner are gracing the March cover, and honestly I think they're perfect choices for the cover!

     Kendall and Kylie are absolutely gorgeous, they both have an amazing sense of style, and the cover is really refreshing! I think this issue is the perfect spring bringer-upper, and it honestly makes me wanna get out onto the tennis court and work out. I love the green and pink colors, and its just perfect. What do you think?


Grace said...

Ah, I still haven't gotten my issue! I must say that Kendall is absolutely stunning, though.

Minted Magazine said...

Aw! They look so cute!

Minted Magazine


J + A said...

they are too cute! love all of the kardashians.

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