Chocolate Sleighs, Oh My!

     I spent last Saturday night spending time with family, and it was a much-needed reunion between my cousin and I. We helped make dinner while catching up on what was happening at school and in our lives, we took Instagram pictures, and just tried to make up for the little lost time that had passed. Once we'd cleaned up the dishes, she showed me the bags of candy she'd bought to give to her friends, but explained to me that she wasn't really sure how to put them together though she knew she wanted to do something really cute and creative.

     We spent the next half hour trying things, putting pieces of candy together, tying them, and just seeing what we could work out. She had a picture of the idea she wanted to do, which was to make candy sleighs, and we decided that might be the best route to go with a little modification. So, here are the candy sleighs we  ended up making! It was actually really fun, and we both thought they came out insanely adorable! We changed up the styles of each one a little, sometimes adding the tape-on bows and other times tying the bows ourselves. I think this was a really great way to show her friends she cared and wanted them to have a great holiday, and hopefully they liked them! Oh.....and of course I walked away with sleigh in hand! ;)

{We used: Candycanes, Hershey Bars, Miniature Hershey Bars, Different Ribbons, and lots of love! And that up there would be our candy stash, though some was eaten in the process and some bigger bars were still in their bags}


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