Look Again: Recreating Your Favorite Looks

     I absolutely love when my favorite stores come out with new lookbooks! There's summer/spring lookbooks, winter lookbooks, and my current favorite fall lookbooks. I think they're a great way to see all the new things they'll have in store and how they can be styled, but they also give me some ideas on new styles for fall I can try. Whenever I flip through the outfits, I pick out an outfit or two i'd like to re-create from the items I already have in my closet, and I have so much fun with it!

     I love adding my own twist to the outfits they come up with, so even if I can't go out and buy every piece they use, I can use what I already have to get the same outcome. Recreating outfits is a fun and costless way to try out new trends. One of my favorite stores is Jack Wills, so I chose two of their amazingly stylish looks from their autumn looks and recreated them with items from other stores. I hope this inspires you to look at outfits from your favorite places to shop and favorite celebs, and hopefully you play around with your closet and see if you can get their look!
Look Again: Recreating Your Favorite Looks

Look #1: I like this look a lot because it's really simple, but pretty much each piece pops in its own way. My favorite were the paisley shorts, their design is so gorgeous and they were definitely a vocal point in the outfit itself. For my look, I paired a white sweater with the same style as the Jack Wills one, a pair of sequin paisley shorts, Chelsea boots with boot socks, and a leather bag. My twist for this look was going with neutral colors, but its still a pretty good recreation since it still holds all the same elements.

Look #2: My favorite part about this look was the combination of the two classics: a plaid shirt and oxfords. I love those two, but I love them even more when they're together! I chose a different colored vest and paired it with an orange/brown plaid shirt. I chose a lighter pair of skinny jeans and a pair of oxfords, and a brown bag to finish off the look. I think this fall, Jack Wills focused on neutral elements in most of the new clothes which I absolutely loved! It's a perfect representation of fall.


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