Brown Boots & Fall Feelings

     I absolutely love boots! They're perfect for fall, and when paired with a fuzzy pair of socks, they just add a really nice touch to any fall outfit. While looking through my closet, I found a long knitted sweater and boy, was I glad. I love how it looks with the boots I wore them with, since the boots are brown and the sweater is gray. I added a pretty plaid shirt, a leather belt, and a shoulder bag then I was all ready to face the new chill that's just come around! I recently got this pair, but I've worn them a few times and have gotten tons of compliments on them.

     This school year has me running around like crazy (seriously.....somehow I always end up racing around the hallways) and i'm in the IB program as well so I have more than last year's workload to do. I love it all though, I've always been one to welcome any challenge! My field hockey team is now getting ready for playoffs, so I'm really excited to see what happens and hopefully our hard work pays off! I haven't forgotten about Peppermint + Ivy at all, and my agenda book is filled with a list of posts I really want to do! I'm so excited to put up more outfit posts, styling posts, and home decor stuff too. Leave a comment below and we can catch up!

{Cardigan: Sears, Shirt: USPA, Jeans: Hollister, Boots: c/o MyHotShoes}


Well... said...

Perfect fall outfit! I love the brown boots, they'll be wonderful for this season :D

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Tariro said...


Grace said...

Love this look! Brown riding boots are a fall staple of mine. :)

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