Special Little Summer Eyes

     Everyone in my immediate family wears glasses, and that includes me too. At first I never liked wearing my glasses, but after I realized that I really needed them and that they'd help me so much, I knew I didn't really have any options. I've grown to love wearing them though, especially getting to pick and choose the new styles of frames I like!

     Another thing I dreaded when I got my glasses was the fact that I wouldn't be able to wear sunglasses anymore, and if I did then I really wouldn't be able to see anyway so they wouldn't do me much good. And though I've learned the hand-over-glasses trick for shade, I was so excited when the amazing people at Firmoo contacted me about receiving and reviewing a pair of their prescription sunglasses! Who knew such a thing existed? Okay.....I did, but it was almost like a fairytale. They're perfect for going to the beach, football games with friends, or even just walking around the neighborhood!

{Sunglasses: c/o FirmooShirt: Ross, Skirt: Hollister, Belt: Ross, Sandals: c/o MyHotShoes, Bag: deBeer Lacrosse, Arm Candy: County Fair & Pool Pass}

     I ordered a pair of prescription Lenon style sunglasses, and eagerly waited for them to come! The minute they came in the mail, I tried them on and I was in awe. They were perfect! And I knew they were prescription, but I honestly didn't expect them to help me see so acurately and be as comfortable, which was a great surprise. They were perfect for this weekend when we took a family trip to the beach, and I packed them away for the trolls on the boardwalk and some fun on the beach! I barely took them off during our vacation since we spent endless hours outside, and I didn't mind it at all.

     If you're looking for some stylish and reliable pairs of prescription glasses or prescription/non-prescription sunglasses, then I definitely recommend buying from Firmoo! Your first order will be free and all your have to do is pay for shipping! How cool is that? Let me know if you've ordered from Firmoo before as well, I'd love to hear what you think!


Chic Disobedience said...

This is cool! Love your blog by the way
-D.Mars <3

Tiana said...

How adorable are those glasses! And I love that they're prescription :)

You just look so carefree and beautiful in these photos! I'm so glad you stopped by again, I've missed reading your lovely comments! They always brighten my day :D


Grace said...

Love this look! So cute for the end of summer!

Chioma said...

super cute look! love your blog name :)


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