Catching Control

     The last week or so has been pretty busy for me! I'm not sure I mentioned this before, but I have a job now! I work at this really cool local sports store, and I absolutely love it. I'm surrounded by sports equipment and really sweet people, and there's never a dull day when I'm behind the counter. So, I've been working most days then trying to catch up with my summer schoolwork. I've been reading the required books and punching in the required calculations, especially knowing that the classes I'm taking this year are going to be really challenging. I'm excited though, I love challenges!

     What I'm looking forward to the most this school year and moving forward is getting to dress up or down however I want and just feel really comfortable with it. I've begun to see what I like, what I don't like, what looks good, and what doesn't. I feel like that's really important, and I'm very happy to say I feel a little proud to be at that realization. Thank you all for your continued support of my blog, and for all the comments and follows! This week is a little more chill, so I'll definitely have time to click around and return them all. Here's some tidbits of last week or so, as I catch my breath and get back to doing what I love, which is posting right here! :)

{Helloooo new shoes! These beauties are c/o MyHotShoes, and if you'd like them they're $32 but you can get 20% using the code PEPPER2.}

{Took a visit to the UMBC athletics field, and I HAD to take a picture of this sign!}

{I pulled out the maxi skirt for the day, i'd missed it too much}

{It was a good day on my tumblr when I added my monogram to it!}

{Getting artsy}

{Forever mixing patterns, especially florals + gingham}


Grace said...

Your monogram looks so cute on tumblr! Your job sounds super fun, too! :)

Tariro said...

Thank you! And it is, I really love it :)

April Cheung said...

love your shoes! <3

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Well... said...

I'm so excited for the school year to start! Haha, I'm ready to establish my fashion style :)
Anyway, lovely post, and awesome shoes!!

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Allie said...

Your shoes are fantastic! So cute and trendy :)



Natalie said...

your shoes are amazing!!

Sister Couture said...

lovee all these gorgeous pictures!

btw i love your blog & followed! do you think you could give me some tips on my blog and maybe follow or just leave a comment? would love to hear from you :)x

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