One Take is All it takes

Besides being a dancer, I am an avid music lover. So I am always on the hunt for something new, and something different. Let me introduce you to Icey Stanley, a truly talented upcoming rapper residing in the UK, in Coventry, just an hour's drive outside of London. The name Icey Stanley stems from Icey being a name he came up with when all his friends had cool tag names, and his cousin's tag name iceman, so he thought "Maybe I could be called Icey", ran it by his friends, they liked it, and the name stuck. Stanley is his name but in Icey Stanley, the Stanley part stuck when he was looking for a Facebook name, and Facebook requires a first and last name, so BOOM, the name Icey Stanley was created. 

Three years ago, Icey decided to become more proper with his rapping rather than a hobby that it had been. Along with studying Computer Science in school, Icey has since been working on perfecting his rapping skills. Icey looks at his rap style as different. Not to street, and not to mainstream. His music appeals to the everyday person. Even the everyday college student. That's because he raps about the basic everyday things he goes through and he does. His influences for his music is just his love for good vibes. as he himself is an overall happy person.

In September of 2015, Icey released a five track EP titled One Take, which he described as an EP set to empower, the calm before the storm, and the sunshine after too. Initially suppose to be a full thirteen track project, he did find guidance with YahYah records on releasing One Take with the perfect set of tracks to create the good vibes. Twenty six tracks were recorded for this EP, and only one of the twenty six made it, and that was the title track, One Take. He explained that he wrote One Take after going through a dark patch while in school, and this was his release. His view on One Take is to empower the idea that you should not be stuck in doing something you do not like. 

Asked about any new projects, Icey just says be on the lookout for a possible twelve track singles project coming out in the next year. And an LP? Well, he says he has not lived to create an LP. He wants to create an LP that takes you to a happy place. Until then you can check out Icey Stanley on instagramtwitter or facebook, and you can check out his EP here and the video for his track "For the Night featuring Paigey Cakey".


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