The Two Ps of Summer

     This summer, I'm focusing on integrating the two Ps into my closet. What are those, you say? Pretty Colors and Patterns. In my opinion, the warm weather is the perfect time to experiment and truly have fun with my outfits. Here are a few pieces that could add perfect Ps into any closet, and I wouldn't mind them in mine!
Pretty Colors
Pretty Colors: Pastels are the key to any spring closet, but I think they go just as well with any summer closet too! I'm going for laces and ruffles, especially this gorgeous pink J.Crew lace top! For something minty sweet, I'd love the flowy Modcloth top just as much. I can't get over how much I love the color of the skirt, it's so sweet and it reminds me of lemonade! For bags, I picked out two colors that reminded me of sweets (Reed Krakoff, Kate Spade) and I did just the same for shoes(brogues, Sperrys)!

Pattern Portrayal

Pattern Portrayal: Patterns are the most fun to work with! I've always been a huge fan of stripes, and the adorable striped cami from J.Crew doesn't disappoint! J.Crew's done really well with patterns as usual, and I really like the paisley shirt and the floral skirt too! For shoes, I chose this pair of Espadrilles because I love their color. I like the pattern of the skirt, and I've developed something for chevron so I picked out the bag too.

I guess you can call this my summer wishlist....what's on yours?


Heather said...

I love both sets! Esp. the pretty colors one. I just love that modcloth top and the kate spade bag!

The House Of Darling - Darling Bonnie said...

I enjoy vibrant hues. These are all great sets. I also love all things Kate Spade and I definitely spot Kate's name up above. great post, good luck with exploring brighter fashion pastures!
Darling Bonnie

Grace said...

Ah, this makes me so read for summer! Adore that Kate Spade bag and the J. Crew lace top. :)

Tariro said...

Thanks ladies! I agree with all of you, the Kate Spade bag is gorgeous!

GlamorousGirl said...


The Classic Belle said...

That ModCloth top and those Sperry shoes would look so cute together! You're welcome for the blog list; I love this blog :)


Anonymous said...

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