Catching Up To Do

     Lacrosse o-v-e-r. It hasn't really sunk in yet that i'll be home before 3 every day now, and I'll probably just sit around eating Klondike bars and wondering what I'm going to do until the winter season starts again. But thats when I stop and realize that those little thoughts might just be my problem. I should be living in the moment! I should be jumping of joy for being moved up to varsity, I should feel thankful for getting to know the talented seniors leaving this year, and I should be so glad that I have time to catch up on sleep! So for the next week or so, I plan on just feeling. Feeling this moment, and the next.

     When things got hectic, I decided to take an unspoken blogging break, and I can't say it wasn't awesome. My time has been filled with parties, lacrosse games, lunch dates with friends, and tid bits of shopping days that left me saying "I CAN'T WAIT TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!". So, here are things I couldn't wait to show you all, through the eyes of my Instagram! And all I can say is, it's good to be back!

{Possibly THE greatest burger I've ever had!}

{I can proudly say I've trademarked the back braid at school!}

{Size 9 vs. Size 6....who wins?}

{Double the fun!}

{Two of my favorite new additions to my closet! Peep the sequin skirt. I FINALLY HAVE ONE! I scooped it up for $3.99 at Sears.}

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Grace said...

That burger looks really good, haha! And your back braid is awesome!

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