The past week was quite the struggle for me. Well, I guess not really a struggle, but it's just been one where all I wanted to do was run home and sleep for ages. For some reason, I had a headache almost every day and spent most of my time trying to cram polyatomic ions into my head. But, I did have a little fun with instagram and got to catalog some of the good moments of the week!

     The good times involved a new hair do (extensions, ahoy!), enjoying the amazing weather while playing lacrosse with friends, and spending Friday night on the ice with my sister! I'm ready for a really good week!
{I got extensions! They're much longer than shown in the picture, but I love them!}

{I've been reading my copy of True Prep}
{The 3 pairs of shoes I wore the most: boots, loafers, & boat shoes}
{Jack Wills boot socks, so comfy, so cute!}


Heather said...

Love the snowflake socks!


Tariro said...

Thank you!

Lori said...

Loving all of your picks! I love my Sperry boat shoes :) Oh and i love your extensions!

new follower, please stop on by:

Tariro said...

Thanks Lori! :)

Grace said...

Loving your extensions! And your leopard loafers are super cute.

Bridgid said...

love the hair extensions (you look great!) and love the boots! :) nice snaps!


Sabrina said...

beautiful pics!!amazing blog!! i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!!
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Simone said...


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