Cute & Cozy

     I was watching TV recently, and I caught sight of one of the cutest outfits ever. It was this amazing mixture of a baggy sweater, but a very sweet sassy skirt below it. It totally inspired me to make a styling post, so here's my take on the cute yet cozy look! I think it's perfect for weather like now, when the weather's a little warm in the afternoon and you're ready for a stroll.
Cute & Cozy

     To start off the outfit, I decided to pick up the basics first. I chose a simple off-white tank top, which would go under the sweater. Next up, I selected a really nice grey sweater and for bottoms I chose an adorable tulle miniskirt! I absolutely love this skirt, and it's just so sweet! For shoes, I think the outfit would look really nice with a pair of booties. 

     And for accessories, I had the idea of having a belt over the sweater because I really like that look. A few pieces of statement jewelry would work well, especially a chain necklace and a wrap bracelet. Last but not least, I picked out a tartan bag for all the goodies you may like to carry around! The bag is probably my second favorite item out of all of them, and it's only $37!

     {Thank you so much to all of you who entered the Rocks Paper Metal giveaway! I'll be picking and announcing the winner soon!}


Heather said...

My new go to outfit is my chunk stripe sweater and my floral skirt. I love not only mix of prints but the mix of fabrics. Plus there is nothing cozier then a chunky knit and a soft skirt. Love your set.

Grace said...

That plaid crossbody is super cute! And baggy sweaters have kind of been my uniform lately. :)

LifestyleBohemia said...

I love this look that you put together! Plus booties are the perfect transition between seasons - very cute!

TJ said...

Great! That sweater looks so comfortable.

Tori said...

Always enjoy seeing what you brew up! What an imagination!! LOVE IT!


Oh Sunnie Day said...

Such great finds! I love your blog. I'm now following :)



girlinthelens said...

Gorgeous outfit! Jenny from the Block had a similar one on her blog, love the belt over the sweater.

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