Up All Night


 One Direction is one of the biggest musical influences in the world right now, and I can admit that I too may have been swept up a little by the 1D fever. When i'm studying or taking a break from whatever busy day i'm having, their song Summer Love plays at a mild volume and sweeps me away for a couple of minutes. When i'm getting ready to hang out with my friends, Rock Me blares from my speakers. Now, the boys have expanded their influence with a new makeup line!

     I was lucky enough to receive a makeup kit from One Direction's new makeup collection and thought i'd take some time to share it with you all. The line is made up of 3 different kits, each with it's own fun and bold style perfect for any occasion in your life. Oh, and the lip gloss glows in UV light!!!

     The kit I received is the "Up All Night" makeup kit said to be for my
"fun, flirty, and girlie" side comprised of the following:

     At first I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but the kit surpassed my expectations! Besides the cool glow in UV light lip gloss, I fell in love with the nail polish. Blue is my favorite color and this metallic polish does not disappoint! The eyeshadow makes my eye really pop and it's just so fun. I've been in need of a new mascara since mine was almost done, and i'm so glad I won't have to get another replacement. The mascara in the kit makes my lashes look really nice and doesn't clump, which is something i've faced a couple of times with others. I believe I can wear some of the lighter shadows during the day, then change it up during the night.

The line will officially be out mid-August, and i'll be sure to update you when it's ready for purchase, it comes out in the US TOMORROW!! International dates will be out soon & find out more on the Facebook page here!

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Adria.elizabeth said...

I have this and I love it so much!

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