Go-To Outfit

     School's been crazy lately, and whenever i'm low on inspiration but want to still look nice, I turn to what I call my "go-to outfit". It's the outfit that's always there for me, always comfortable, and I get compliments on it even if I change up a few elements of it! My outfit consists of a military jacket ($3 at Salvation Army), a plaid shirt, dark skinny jeans, and riding boots. I usually change up the color of my shirt or which pair of boots I wear (my collection is growing quite nicely!), but however I pair it, it always turns out really nicely!

     I think it's nice to have an outfit I can count on once or twice a week, especially with the workload being heavier this year and lacrosse season looming up. I'm really excited, and I have a feeling it'll be a good season for my team and myself as well! So let me know, whats YOUR go-to outfit?

Go-To Outfit

{Jacket, Shirt, Jeans, Boots, Backpack}

P.S i'm one of the Best Teen Bloggers up on Shoptiques today!!


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