Fall Trend: Sole Un-Simplicity

     While watching TV a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but notice that the host of what I was watching was wearing possibly the coolest/cutest shoes ever. She had on a pair of leopard print brogues with hot pink soles, and since that day I was hooked! After that, I started seeing brogues and oxfords with neon soles all around me, and they've definitely become a fall trend to be hooked on. I love the mix of the neutral shoe, then the amazing pop of color that the sole brings!

     The beauty about this trend is that it's definitely affordable! You can find a pair of both oxfords and brogues with colored soles at any price range, so you'll never have to miss out on the fun of it and you'll possibly have no regrets. Here are some of my favorite pairs, all definitely for their less than simple soles.

     I tried on the of brogues pair from Charlotte Russe, and I really loved them!! Sadly, I'd already done my shopping for the day when I saw them so I missed out on buying them. But now that I know they're there, I plan on going back for those beauties.


Heather said...

I love colored sole oxfords! I have been wanting a pair myself :)


Well... said...

Oh man, I've noticed this trend too and am dying to test it out!

Trendy Teal

Grace said...

I'd love a pink one! Such a fun trend.

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