A Surprise From Zara!

     I used to think Zara was really expensive. I'd always see my favorite bloggers wear things from Zara, and I'd sit there and think "I wish those clothes were mine.....". But guess what I just discovered? Those clothes can be mine! Apparently......Zara isn't at all that expensive!

     I wish you all could've seen my face when I started looking through their store online. I was in awe, and almost in tears of joy because I can actually buy some of these things! $20 shirt? Uh! I can afford that! So here are some of my favorites from Zara's online store, and best of all I might actually go after them! I'm absolutely in love with all the prints, especially the florals.

{Printed Dress With Applique, $59.90, one of my favorites}

{Asymmetric Chiffon Skirt, $49.90, this skirt is absolutely gorgeous!}

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Heather said...

I loveeee Zara. I think Zara prices are pretty reasonable. I can't look at their website bc I put myself on a spending diet but all I want to do is shop there lol.

thekellytang said...

Wow I want everything you picked, love that asymetrical skirt.

<3 Kelly

Grace said...

Ah, I love Zara! Loving that contrasting collar dress!

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