Shimmer Shine Shine

     Lots of people in the world are obsessed with glitter, shimmer, & sparkles. I happen to be one of them! And especially in the summertime, I love adding that extra sparkle to my outfits!
     One thing that glitters that I absolutely love are sequin skirts! I think they're absolutely gorgeous, and I fall for one every time I see it! I have yet to buy one for myself sadly, but Ive got my eye on one from J. Crew! They've really upped their shine attire!  I styled a few outfits with two lovely glitter skirts, inspired by summer. Enjoy!

Day & Night ; Skirt Shimmer

For the daytime, I think its a good idea to have a semi-low key look, instead of just packing on the shiny stuff! So, I paired a gorgeous J. Crew sequin skirt with an Abercrombie & Fitch denim shirt, some metallic flats, and a neutral/nude Chanel bag. Throw on some shades, and you're ready to hit the streets looking good with a little attention from the sun! Lastly, I added gold nail polish, to really set off the skirt, and also add a little more fun. 

Of course, this time of day is when you really wanna show off! Ive always loved this long J. Crew sequin maxi skirt, and I love its blue color! I paired it with a really pretty navy blue bustier from Nina Ricci, velvet black platform heels, and a white handbag. To top it off, I added a gorgeous silver-shimmer nail polish. I think this look is a fantastic way to look fancy, with a little simplicity on the side.



Elaine said...

Love it!

Megs said...

oh my gosh i love this SO MUCH!!!

and also i wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your sweet comment on my guest post over at Clothed Much! it made me so happy to see that you liked it :)


Tariro said...

Thanks so much Megan! & you're definitely welcome!!

hello, Friday said...

I'm such a sparkle lover. Especially around winter time. Doesn't everything looks great with sparkles? xoxo

Paula C. said...

love the first outfit, great items!


Libbie said...

Love the Daytime look!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tariro said...

Thank you!

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